Microdosing Edibles: Why Try Low Dose Cannabis?

Not everyone consumes cannabis to get high – or sometimes, you just want the benefits without feeling too out of your element. In comes microdosing – a new way to experience the therapeutic effects of cannabis without the intoxication. 

If you’re looking for a great way to control how much you take while getting the results you want, microdosing edibles might be right for you. This blog covers precisely what microdosing is and why you might want to consider it in your daily routine.

What is microdosing cannabis?

Microdosing is the practice of consuming small amounts of THC over a set period, typically no more than 1mg to 1.25mg at a time. 

The idea behind microdosing is so you can experience the therapeutic value of cannabis with the least amount of THC possible. Not only does this reduce any intoxicating effects, but it helps ensure you don’t build up a tolerance too quickly.

Microdosing anchors on the principle that more THC isn’t always necessary to benefit from or even enjoy cannabis. Microdosing is generally used to relieve mild symptoms associated with symptoms like pain, stress, and anxiety, while providing a boost to focus and creativity without hampering your ability to function throughout the day.

What’s considered a low-dose edible?

Low-dose edibles are generally considered those containing less than 5mg of THC. Most often 1 to 1.25mg is sufficient for a microdose, and for some consumers even less may be suitable. You might find edibles and other products in such small amounts, but you can also cut an edible containing 5mg into smaller, pieces to the same effect.

It’s important to remember that the meaning of low dose can vary from person to person based on tolerance and composition. While 1mg THC may be sufficient for some, if you have a high tolerance, you may want to try something slightly more potent. 


Four reasons to try microdosing

  • Pain relief: Low-dose edibles can be quite effective if you have chronic pain but don’t want to feel stoned whenever you medicate. A 2020 study led by Elon Eisenberg at the Institute of Pain Medicine found that patients given just 1mg of THC showed significant pain decreases compared to placebo, even when they didn’t experience any noticeable intoxicating effects.
  • Improved focus and creativity: Microdosing is perfect for days when you have a lot to get done and need to focus. While higher doses of THC can cause a lack of focus – or couch lock kicks in — lower doses of cannabis can boost dopamine levels, which in turn helps enhance attention and stimulates mental focus. Look for products with specific terpenes like pinene and limonene for an uplifting, inspirational high.
  • Decreased stress and anxiety: While you may think that lots of cannabis means you’ll relax more, recent studies show that THC is more effective at reducing anxiety in lower doses. A 2017 study in Science News found very low doses of THC to lessen the jitters of a public-speaking task, while slightly higher doses — enough to produce a mild “high” — increased anxiety.
  • PTSD: Cannabis is becoming an increasingly popular way to help manage Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). While more research into cannabis’s effectiveness for the condition is needed, a small study of medicated PTSD patients in 2014 found that 5mg of THC twice a day as an add-on treatment enhanced sleep quality and reduced the frequency of nightmares, PTSD hyperarousal, and global symptom severity. While 5mg isn’t quite a microdose, this still demonstrates the power small amounts of THC can have. PTSD is an approved condition for medical patients in Michigan’s medical marijuana program.

How to start microdosing

Microdosing is all about knowing your tolerance and your goals. It may take a bit of trial and error to find the right amount for you, so start low and go slow. If you have experience with edibles, start with less than 5mg THC per serving and wait at least two hours before taking more. If you’re new to edibles or primarily inhale, try an even smaller amount, as low as 1mg, and wait to see how you feel. Over time, you’ll know what’s best for your body and mind. 

Microdose options at Iconic Wellness

Ready-made microdoses aren’t always available, but there are two easy ways to get the benefits without a specific product: Look for ratios, and cut larger edibles into smaller pieces. 

At Iconic Wellness, we stock Wyld’s Strawberry 20:1 Hybrid gummies, which are perfect for those looking to experience the benefits of cannabis without feeling high. These gummies contain 20mg CBD and 1mg THC per serving. We also offer many edibles in 5mg and 10mg serving sizes that are easy to cut in half for a lower, more controlled amount.


Starting your microdose journey  

Small amounts of THC can still be incredibly effective, depending on your cannabis consumption goals. And whatever those goals are, there’s something at Iconic Wellness for yo to check out. Check out the Iconic Wellness website for our full menu of edibles options, or visit one of our  Iconic Wellness locations in Michigan at Gaylord, Sturgis, or Lowell to talk to a budtender about whether microdosing is the right choice for you. 

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